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Thief of Time movie adaptation starring Michelle Dockery as Susan Sto Helit and Lupita Nyong’o as Lady Myria LeJean

I’m gonna write a fic where the kids meet Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers

Fandom: aw man the series is ending :(
Fandom: now what'll I read
Me: hey
Me: hey kid
Me: -opens coat and slips you a copy of The Color of Magic-
Me: let's talk about discworld

How do I have followers

reynabeth 5ever

declares team reynabeth the winner of the shipping olympics


Frank and Nico’s LP channel is called halfthehorsemen

because they’re war and death

someone sends the a question
"so do you guys actually ride horses?"
"No" they say in unison and then the video flashes to both of them sitting on arion or something holding xbox controllers with a monitor held by percy on blackjack

unless she explicitly says she’s not into girls assume bi/pan/ace/aro/whatever ye

oh i will

tbh i don’t think there’s a single character that i actually headcanon as straight

Frank and Nico’s LP channel is called halfthehorsemen

because they’re war and death

#pls no

worried and concerned that rick will make reyna straight

John Kerry leads call for protection of Iraqi and Syrian heritage sites



US secretary of state John Kerry will be on-hand later today to highlight the destruction of Iraq and Syria’s cultural heritage by violent extremist groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq (IS) and the Syrian regime.

Alongside the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art director Thomas Campbell and its president Emily Rafferty, Kerry will present the US’s case for protection of cultural elements in Iraq and Syria, which are in danger thanks to ongoing attempts by IS to deliberately target and destroy heritage sites in Iraq, while warring Syria’s heritage sites have been the target of deliberate shelling and general chaos in the last couple of years. Read more.

After a heartfelt conversation with Hazel Nico returns to the underworld due to overpopulation from the new war and befriends ghost!Mitchell and it’s the start of a beautiful friendship

yes perfect