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also u cant be a giant loser if all these cool peeps in shades are talking 2 u B)

What if it’s all actually Trevor tho

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tell me what are ur top 5 tea flavors ^0^

Oh dang! Tough question uhmmmm

mint (obvs)
Earl Grey
Berry mix
:u I also really like mattes and white teas tho

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im also watching zoey 101

I fucking loved that show, man

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im eating potato chips and drinking apple juice

I’m actually really jealous because I was super tired this morning and forgot to pack my lunch d: so I’m hella hungry

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lipstick is cool

Yeah it is

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what is your otp

Fuck like…in general? UUUH
OK well Wolfstar is my ultimate OTP probably, closely followed by Killua/Gon from HunterxHunter :u

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recite all the digits of pi that you know


Wow that’s not a lot at all :/

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Favourite discworld novel/character?

Ok my favorite character is probably Angua/Vimes/The City Watch

But my favorite book is Monstrous Regiment because feminism and lesbians

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hello yes im not rlly a friend but tell me about urself ^_^

Uhm well you should totes be my friend because I’m actually a GIANT LOSER
wait that isn’t a vey compelling argument…

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This is a message I um Hi

HI ANON I’m on my lunch now because if poorly planned break times so ye talk to me more~


is he cute or is he just tall????  a real question yall need to ask yourselves 


my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies